January Songs - Darren Hayman
Please help with today’s video

For today’s January Songs I need your help with making the video. I want people to film themselves dancing. If you download this MP3 of a beat at 95 BPM then I will be able to make you all dance in time with the finished track. Make sure the track can be heard in the video.

Please film yourself, or your son or daughter or mother or father dancing to this short track. The video can be any quality but should end up as a mov format or something like that. Film it on your phone, HD camera, anything it doesn’t matter. Send the finished  clip via You Send It or something to januarysongs2011@gmail.com I need the videos by 9pm tonight at the latest. PUT YOUR NAME CLEARLY IN THE MAIL FOR YOUR CREDIT.

Have fun, think about the location, make it interesting. I need at least ooh 15 or something to make the idea work? Please help.

The song will be called, ‘I Can’t Control Myself’.

January 9th Dance Beat by Darren Hayman

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